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China Synergy was founded in 2003 and ISO 9000 certified in 2007. The company has built expertise in managing custom manufacturing projects in China. We have helped making over $100million worth of products for American and European customers including General Electric, Thermofisher, Voith Paper, Electrolux...

We have the following manufacturing capabilities:

These capabilites are highly related and give up abilities to provide one-stop-manufacturing solutions to clients.

Keywords: Metal Casting, Die Casting, CNC Machining, Injection Molding, Other Plastic Molding, Metal Stamping, Forging, Metal Fabrication

Leadership Team

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Why work with us?

   Absolutely Lowest Price in the market. Our factories achieve low price with our economy of scale, process optimization, and long-term business perspective. We offer to match any legitimate prices from China.

   Clear Engineering Communication in English: This is especially important for custom manufacturing. Furthermore, we use many standard operating protocols (SOP) throughout the business process.

   High Quality Standards: After ten years of supplying to western companies, we understand your needs. For example, we pay special attention to material quality.

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