With multiple 3- and 5-axes CNC-machine centers, we are able to keep all operations in house. Experienced programmers and engineering staff allow us to be able to produce tight tolerance products. We specialize in "outside the box" type- thinking to design tooling that performs the same way, every time, to produce high quality parts, whether we are manufacturing high or low volume production. Through the use of CAD/CAM computer software, we enable to optimize the production process to get the most efficient programs that will keep cost low and provide the highest quality possible. 

Know more about details of our CNC machines:

CNC Machines Specification
Specification> Unit M400 XHS7145 XH7145A VS655
X-axis travel mm 400 600 700 800
X-axis travel mm 230 450 450 400
X-axis travel mm 500 500 550 450
Spindle nose to table mm 110-610 130-630 120-670 100-550
Spindle center to column guide-way face mm 320 485 460 -
High speed feeding of X,Y axis mm/min 12000 24000 12000 -
High speed feeding of Z axis mm/min 12000 18000 10000 -
Feeding speed mm/min 1-5000 1-5000 1-5000 1-5000
Table size  mm 760*210 800*450 1000*450 450*250
(optio 1000x450) (option 800x450)
Max.loading capacity of table kg 200 600 600 300
T-slot NO./width/distance of table mm 14/3/6/63 3/18/160 5/18/80 5/18/80
Spindle max.speed r/min 8000/10000 8000 8000 24000
Main motor rated power kw 2.2 5.5/7.5 5.5/7.5 5.5
Spindle nose taper ISO30 BT40 BT40 BT30
Positioning accuracy mm 0.012(GB) 0.025(GB)0.016(Real) 0.025(GB)0.016(Real) 0.01(GB) B/C: 0.002°
Re-positioning accuracy mm 0.006(GB) 0.015(GB)0.008(Real) 0.015(GB)0.01(Real) 0.005(GB) B/C: 0.002°
Pneumatic press mpa 0.6 0.6 0.6 0.6
N.W kg 1150 3500 3500 3200
Overall dimension mm 1460*1940*2180 2500*2000*2450 2500*2000*2450 2200*2200*2300

We manufacture small to medium size parts with high precision

… and large machining parts

Why working with us on your CNC-machining project?

We manufacture high mix, low and high volume, high precision CNC turning and milling parts.

We provide thorough dimensional report and authentic material certificates.

We can provide PPAP reports and work together with 3rd party labs for material testing.

We can offer short manufacturing lead time for the manufacturing of new products and existing products from prototyping to mass production.

Distinct benefits of working with us:

Clear engineering communication in English and German, which is vital prerequisite for manufacturing projects


One-stop shopping for projects that require multiple manufacturing processes, from metal fabrication to plastic molding.

Manufacturing Process List

Strong process control, high quality standards, and a large and dedicated QC team


Best price in China through manufacturing excellence and economy of scale.