Fabricate/ Weld Steel Structure

China Synergy Manufacturer Group has experienced welders, certified welders and robotic welders. This combination of expertise and accuracy means that we can consistently provide you with top-quality welded parts. From simple spot-welds to complex assemblies, we can produce quality weldments in aluminum, carbon steel, and stainless steel.

For large quantity productions that require speed and consistence, we recommend automatic- and robot welding.

Name N AWS ARC WELDING Applications
Atomic hydrogen welding -149 AHW Two metal electrodes in hydrogen atmosphere Historical
Bare metal arc welding -113 BMAW Consumable electrode, no flux or shielding gas Historical
Carbon arc welding -181 CAW Carbon electrode, historical Copper, repair (limited)
Flux cored ard welding 136 FCAW Continuous consumable electrode filled with flux Industry, construction
137 FCAW-S
Gas metal arc welding (MIG) 131 GMAW Continuous consumable electrode and shielding gas Industry
Gas tungsten arc welding (TIG) 141 GTAW Nonconsumable electrode, slow, high quality welds Aerospace,Construction(piping),Tool and Die
Plasma arc welding 15 PAW Nonconsumable electrode, constricted arc Tubing, instrumentation
Shielded metal arc welding (MMA) 111 SMAW Consumable electrode covered in flux, can weld any metal as long as they have the right electrode Construction, outdoors, maintenance
Submerged arc welding 121 SAW Automatic, arc submerged in granular flux
Magnetically Impelled Arc Butt 185 MIAB both tube ends are electrodes; no protection gas; arc rotates fast along edge by applied magnetic field pipelines and tubes

Welding Technique We Offer

Our Work

Why working with a contract manufacturing company for welding fabrication?

CSMFG helps you to fine tune your product design and ensures that your parts can be manufactured accurately, efficiently and with a quality that matches your specifications.

We strongly believe in making quality jig for welding to control the products "in-process".

We can offer short manufacturing lead time for the manufacturing of new products and existing products from prototyping to mass production.

If you need secondary/finishing processes such as welding, riveting, powder coating, anodizing and/or assembly, our 5 assembly lines will take care of it. We can deliver sub-assembly and finished products.

We can manufacture metal structure with complex BOM (Bill of Material)

We have the capabilities to manufacture parts using steel, aluminum & stainless.

Distinct benefits of working with us:

Clear engineering communication in English and German, which is vital prerequisite for manufacturing projects


One-stop shopping for projects that require multiple manufacturing processes, from metal fabrication to plastic molding.

Manufacturing Process List

Strong process control, high quality standards, and a large and dedicated QC team


Best price in China through manufacturing excellence and economy of scale.