We are a manufacturing company with strong capabilities in fabricating metal products

We welcome custom manufacturing inquiries and offer the following benefits


Clear Communication:

We have many staff speaking fluent English. Our engineers can also write English.


Familiar with International Engineering Standards:

We have started servicing international customers in the past five years, and have worked on hundreds of projects involving standards such as ASTM, SAE, AISI, BS ...


Easily Accessible:

Our factory is located near Shanghai in China. You can conveniently visit our facilities when you come to China.


Low Cost:

Our price is usually 20-40% lower than manufacturing prices in western countries.

Our Production Videos

Efficient Milling, Driling and Turning

Machining with Robotic Automtion

Gantry Machining of Large Piece

Automatic Threading, Tapping, Drilling


We are setup for flexible machining productions. We work with high mix/ low volume cases as well as high volume projects (use automatic feeding and robotic operations to achieve low cost).

The facility has passed ISO 9001 certification and we have open-book policy which allows customers to inspection our incoming material records and quality paper trail. We provide thorough dimensional reports of our parts. PPAP reports can also be provided.

We use 3rd party labs for material tests and provide authentic material certificates. For quotation, we accept drawings in CAD, Solidworks, Igs or PDF formats.

Our Main Products

Safer, Easier, Better Quality, Continuous Support

Total Solution:

If your product requires many different manufacturing processes, we can offer most of them such as surface finishing, assembly, plastic molding, aluminum extrusion ...

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Our customers include many small-to-medium sized enterprises, as well as large international corporations